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DesignPlus as a hosting and webdesign company, was established in 2014, but its virtual activity in the field of web design, hosting and online design has started in the middle of-2015. The staff of our company include young people motivated and willing to provide the best and highest quality services in the field of webdesign, hosting and all other sort of design in general. Our hosting servers are among the most functional and secure. The websites we work on are of a high quality, and the servers we provide are based in the United States, where speed of operation and stability are guaranteed.

Our staff is dedicated to work fairly, to be as transparent and professional as possible in providing services. We aim to develop the orders that we have in a responsible time and to be of a high quality, and we will try to develop them 100% in accordance with client’s requirements. We will consider our work successful when you as our customer are satisfied with the final product.

At the moment our company offers products in three areas such:

  1. Web Design (webdesign from the simplest to professional),
  2. Hosting, SSL, Mail, Domain, etc., (shared hosts, VPS, Dedicated servers ..),
  3. Graphic design, such as the design of logos, banners, brochures, posters, etc.


DesignPlus assures customers that any data stored on our servers is secure, in accordance with applicable legal provisions, and that our US-based servers provide maximum security, where data is always secure and protected from any interference. .


DesignPlus offers quality in all services and products it offers, because it has partnerships with the world’s most famous providers of hosting and web design services such as: Hostgator, Namecheap, Resellerclub, Enom, WHMCS, Weebly, Symantec, etc., so the quality of the products is guaranteed.


DesignPlus operates in the market of services legally, registered in the Business Registration Agency with unic business nr. 811222497 and no. fiscal 71075338 and all transactions for services are performed electronically and through the bank and are taxed in accordance with the fiscal regulation in force.


“DesignPlus” is a relatively new service company in providing design and hosting services, but the staff of our company consists of young people who have a passion for work and are highly motivated to provide fast and quality services.

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Are you interested in our services?

Email us, fill out the contact form below or write us from the chat below that is showed on the right side of the website in order to contact us. We look forward to learning more about you, your company, and how we can help you reach your goals.